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The Bifold Group of Companies is a leading manufacturer of the widest range of switching instruments, piping valves and pumps in the oil and gas, upstream and downstream sectors.

Enhanced by a lean and integrated manufacturing policy, Bifold has developed Configurable Lean Manufacturing™ - cLean Manufacturing™ - allowing interactive 3D configuration software and manufacturing systems to create instantaneous custom designs including 3D CAD models, 2D drafts, part numbers and descriptions and Bill of Materials.Together with its unique business model, Bifold has provided peace of mind to contractors, installers and end users for over a century.

Bifold’s innovative range of high-tech valve products and accessories specifically designed with the customer in mind, has gained worldwide approval and credibility for use in onerous conditions as found in hazardous (classified) locations, hostile and subsea environments.

Customer requirements for sustained safety and reliability under extreme operating conditions are Bifold’s primary objectives. Bifold’s state of the art production facilities, based in the UK, allow its superior and innovative designs to be manufactured to rigorous quality standards.

With its Marshalsea Hydraulics division, the Bifold Group can offer an additional wide range of pumps, pump sets and pressure intensifiers along with other hydraulic products. All this provides the customer with the widest range of superior products for their application.

With a team of 230 people at its headquarters in Manchester and its subsidiary locations in Houston, USA, Singapore and Taunton, UK, the Bifold Group of Companies is supported worldwide with a global network of agents and distributors as well as its own qualified engineers. With over 95% of sales for export, Bifold provides product and technical support for over 5,000 valve product types worldwide and an almost infinite number of configurations.

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