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Carbon Connect

carbon-connect is a Swiss-based company that makes a significant and innovative contribution to climate protection and sustainable development. It aims to become a world leader in carbon offsetting, project development and carbon management services. We show our clients expedient ways to integrate environmental protection and sustainable management profitably in their business processes.

Services provided :

A. Carbon footprint calculator
The footprint calculator allows online computation of carbon footprint and an online offsetting tool (for individuals from flights, cars, motorbikes etc.)

B. Carbon Management
We help you to compute your climate-relevant greenhouse gas output grouped together in a so-called carbon footprint. Typical sources of carbon emissions include heating, water and waste, business trips, commuting, paper and electricity.

C. Project Development
In partnership with a Swiss-based specialised company carbon-connect develops and implements projects which do not only generate carbon credits, but also contribute to sustainable development in the host country. Together with our partners we turn visions into reality.

carbon-connect GmbH ( aims to become the world’slargest provider of voluntary carbon credits and provides carbon management services for carbon offsetters.

carbon-connect has a diverse portfolio of Voluntary Carbon Offsets ranging from wind farms in Asia, to its more recentproject of 195,000 hectares of forestry in Africa, where it is inviting mining and Fortune 500 companies to become stakeholders and participate in one of the world’smost important environmental projects to date.

carbon-connect have just been selected as the exclusive supplier to SwissPrivate Broker AG ( who offer a wide range of carbon trading solutions and growth funds involving environmental services to qualified investors.